Toronto Cyclists Call for Legal Action Against City Hall (PDF format)
A press release issued by ARC on July 26, 2001 putting the City of Toronto on notice of its legal obligation to provide safe road facilities for all road users. A strikingly high number of car-bike collisions are concentrated on five downtown streets. These streets are part of the downtown east-west corridor routes which the City of Toronto has historically failed to properly serve in its bicycle facilities planning.
Cyclists killed in the City of Toronto (PDF format)
Information about the cyclists killed in the City of Toronto since 1996 (the year in which ARC formed).
Cost of Car Crashes
A press release from the Ontario Assn of Chiefs of Police about how car crashes cost Ontario 9.1 BILLION dollars a year.
Rolling Stops
In Idaho it is legal for a cyclist to make a rolling stop at a STOP sign. Read the law, it makes good sense.
ARC Business Card (PDF format)
A printer-ready “business” card containing ARC’s contact info and emergency crash info to hand out to cyclists.
ARC Flyer (PDF format)
A printer-ready 8″ x 11″ double-sided flyer containing highlights of ARC’s accomplishments and activities since its inception in 1996.
Anti-Social Bastards in our Midst
George Monbiot article in Z magazine