How to Complain about Police

It isn’t easy, but it can be done. Here’s how.

Proper Police Conduct Towards Cyclists
Notes from a 1997 meeting between ARC and Toronto police representatives.
Complain About Dumb Car Ads
Advertisers are bound by the Canadian Code of Advertising Standards. This guide tells you how to make an effective complaint about ads that promote dangerous driving.
Why Complain About the TTC?
A Guide to the Toronto Transit Commission complaint and commendation process. The TTC needs to hear about drivers who don’t appear to be able to share the road with cyclists. Likewise, cyclists want more good drivers behind the wheel of Toronto buses, so we ought to praise the good ones also.
How to Contact Your City Councillor
Contact information for all Toronto City Council members.
Report Dangerous Road Conditions
Report sewer grates that your wheel could get stuck in, large holes, or other hazards to cyclists.