Memorial ride for Mike Rankin

ARC, Advocacy for Respect for Cyclist held a memorial ride for recently deceased cyclist Mike Rankin.  Mike, a long time courier was killed when a cab went through a yellow light, sending him into the middle of University Avenue.

A small group of cyclists met at Bloor and Spadina at 8:00 am and started a slow ride across Bloor to Jarvis.  At Yonge street it was decided to head south as the ride had started late and some participants were worried they would have to go to work before the ceremony could finish.

Police, while frustrated with the speed of the ride, refused to cork the intersection to speed the ride along.  Police blocked one lane of University so a banner could be unfurled that stated “A cyclist was killed here last week.

Participants took to the street for a minute of silence.  A ghost bike was placed in the middle island of University Avenue where a makeshift memorial, complete with flowers and the remains of Mike’s shattered helmet.

The helmet was found in the garbage with some of Mike’s personal belongings the day after he died.  Police have since said that they were responsible for disposing of his belongings and have since given a half-hearted apology.

Police have decided that charges will not be laid against the cabbie that killed Mike.  They made no apology for this.

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